“What happens when people open their hearts They get better.” ― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian...(1).png

Ready for change?

Welcome! I'm guessing if you've come this far, you're curious about therapy, and if you're curious about therapy that means you're already on the path to change! 

Psychotherapist, Carl Rogers once said that change comes once we accept ourselves, meaning that the more we learn to listen to ourselves, the more we can learn, grow and change for the better. 

Of course, listening to ourselves isn't always so easy, especially if you have years of built up negative self talk! Let me help you learn how to listen to yourself and together we'll create the change you're looking for! 


Let's work together!

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Amanda Villaveces, LMFT 

I work with teens and adults on a variety of life's biggest issues. Much of my work involves Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems and Self Compassion. 

Email: amanda@amandavmft.com

Phone: 502-806-8816

Carsyn Kidwell, Intern

*Now accepting clients for Monday and Thursday evenings and Friday daytime appointments. Sliding scale available. 


Email: amanda@amandavmft.com

Phone: 502-806-8816

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Calm Sea


As part of the Speakers Collective at Mental Health Lou, I provide engaging and interactive wellness workshops for businesses, school and other organizations. (More info)

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I offer in person and telehealth services to those living in KY and IN. If you're interested in working with me, send me a message! I try to respond withing 24hrs. 



Please enjoy my sporadic blog posts on mental health and wellness.