Giving live workshops is one of my passions. As a former teacher, I love bringing mental health education to my community. If you are a school, library business or other industry looking to provide mental health information, I am available for talks and workshops throughout the year. For anyone looking to attend a public workshop, please see my events page.


60-90 minute presentation on the benefits of Mindful Parenting. Participants will leave with a better understanding of what Mindfulness is, how it can help reduce conflict in the home and improve parent child relations as well as Mindful Parenting tools they can begin to implement immediately.


For more info please contact me




2hr Workshop focusing on improving one's love for self.
Attendees will learn:
- How to foster self compassion
- Mindfulness tools for self love
- Ways to decrease negative self talk/criticism (including body image focused criticism!)
- Learn how to reconnect with yourself
- Develop an understanding of ways we self sabotage
- Create a better self care/self love routine!


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30-60 Min. talk with employees about ways to improve their workplace experience through mindfulness. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of what Mindfulness is and how to apply some basic techniques to their daily office lives. Includes information on mindful communication with fellow employees.


For more info please contact me


This 6 week workshop with the Louisville Improvisors that combines Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy techniques with Improv games to help participants learn how to challenge and release their anxiety and live in the moment.

Participants will learn MBCT tools to help cope with difficult and uncomfortable feelings and improv techniques to improve their mental flexibility.

This group is offered in Spring and Fall. For more info please contact me


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