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Ellie Stigger

CFT Intern

I am an intern currently in my last year of working towards my M.S. in Couple and Family therapy through University of Louisville Kent school of Social Work.


In May of 2021, I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology at Transylvania University with a focus on the nature of mind and behavior. While going through this program, I really found my passion for helping others and learning about the diversity of the human experience. I revel in empowering others and helping them achieve a healthier state of mind.

Throughout my undergraduate experience, I volunteered at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, and worked with children in K-8th grade. This program provides youth with a safe space to learn and grow using character building skills, arts, sports, and leadership. This experience really sparked my interest in working with children and play therapy.

I also worked alongside Black Student Alliance (BSA) throughout my 4 years. This organization advocates for Black/African American students and is an ally to all underrepresented voices on Transy’s campus. BSA strives to eliminate social barriers while promoting opportunities to create change in the community.

I am so excited to join with my clients and how their emotions, and behaviors can drive growth and inspire change. I really want to put a focus on empathy and compassion for my clients.


Ellie Stigger
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