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Your Year of Gratitude

Have you heard about Gina Hamadey’s “thank you year?” It’s one woman’s attempt at writing a thank you note every day for one year in efforts to connect with those around her and express gratitude.

Hamadey initially started writing thank you notes for a food drive she had organized, while commuting on the train from Brooklyn to New Jersey. She quickly found that not only was writing thank yous a great way to avoid the mindless phone scrolling that comes with any long commute, but also a wonderful way to connect with people in her life. After a finishing her initial thank yous, Hamadey decided to commit to writing a year’s worth of thank yous to friends, family etc.

To get herself organized, Hamadey chose a theme for each month. Month’s themes included family, health, career, friends etc.. What she’s gained from this project is the mindfulness of the moment, noticing the kindness in her daily life.

So why am I telling you this? Because as we’ve written before, gratitude awareness has many